Sunday School

Eternal Hearts

We are a collection of “young” adults that are reading the Word of God and seeking to sharpen our minds and hide the Word in our hearts. Our goal is to live out Jesus’ promise in John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Sunday school for us is coffee, breakfast, and a meaningful lesson from scripture. Some of us have kids and careers and some of us our taking the first big leaps into adulthood. Feel free to stop by and check it out. Our doors are open to all!

Joy Class

The Joy Class is a group of women who seek to grow in the knowledge of their Lord, to walk daily by faith, to practice His presence and to allow Him to guide their lives. We choose literature by trusted Christian authors, Advent and Lenten curricula, specific books of the Bible and are currently enjoying Seamless, a lively study of the whole Bible, by Angie Smith. Our members are active in all areas of the work of our church. We lead, participate in and support local, community and world-wide ministries. We love and support the staff of our church and respond willingly to member and community needs as they arise. The Joy Class meets on the ground floor of the Family Life Center. Come join us as we commit to reflect the JOY of our salvation by grace.


The Jane Blair class is made up of single adults and married couples whose average age is 50 years and up but any age is welcome. Teachers are Bob Reneau and Martha and Clay Hutsler. Our lessons sometime come directly from scripture and sometime from study books. We share plenty of laughs and stories and keep in close contact with members and the needs of the church as a whole.


Cornerstone meets in room E206 of the Education Building. The class is taught by Mark Matthews who has been the teacher for about 15 years. Mark often teaches from series written by popular Bible teachers such as Dr. David Jeremiah and John McArthur. The lessons are educational, stimulating, and class interactive with in-depth discussions of the Biblical subject being studied. We believe that the Bible is God breathed and timeless. Any and all ages are welcome. We love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, enjoy each others’ company (many times laughter from our room is heard in the hallway!), support each other in the valleys and on the mountains, and have a good time whenever we are able to socialize outside of church. As one of our members described our group: “Big enough to serve, small enough to care”.

Fresh Start

Our class meets in the first floor classroom in the Family Life Center. Classroom is on your immediate right as you enter the main first floor of the building. Our class studies the books of the Bible – Old and New Testament books. Class is facilitated by teacher, Dennis Fain. Various Bible commentaries are used to supplement Biblical text. Currently we are studying in the New Testament with the Book of Hebrews. Our class roll includes members, men and women, age range is currently 35 to 50 with both singles and married couples. Our class participates in church-wide functions throughout the year such as VBS support and Fall Festival events. We gather together and have a summer cookout and a Christmas class party during the Advent season. Our class encourages and appreciates class member interaction during the lesson period and we encourage support for each other as part of the church body of God.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a lively group of singles and couples of all ages. We are a Bible studying Sunday School Class led by Suzanne Krejcar. Suzanne is a talented teacher who is diligent to study each week and creatively bring God’s truth through His Word into our classroom and lives. Suzanne is gifted with the ability to show others how God has woven his plan throughout the old and new testament books of the Bible to bring His people life through Jesus. Suzanne always welcomes ideas and input from members of the class and cleverly uses these thoughts to add to the meaning of the lesson. The members of the New Beginnings class enjoy one another’s company and life each other up to Jesus in prayer in times of difficulty and in times of joy. We welcome new members with open arms!!! Our classroom is upstairs in the Family Life Center next to the Children’s Chapel. See you next Sunday!

Bruce Airey Class

The class is made up of the senior men of the church. With the help of our lady pianist we begin each Sunday with the singing of our favorite hymns. We study different books of the Bible. Each member is encouraged to participate in the lesson. We discuss the needs of the church and actively try to encourage more participation of class members in living out the lessons gleaned from our study. Ed Johnson is the teacher. The class meets in the church chapel.  We welcome your attendance with us.

Effie Taylor

We meet in the church library located near the pastor’s study. We study the adult Bible curriculum provided through Cokesbury. This class is mainly senior adults. We welcome any new members!