Being Renewed in Our Thinking | Rev. Walter Albritton

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Join us each Wednesday in January at noon as Rev. Walter Albritton shares a follow up on Sunday’s sermon!

Here are some questions to consider for this week’s reflection:

  •  What reason or reasons does Paul give that makes renewing one’s thoughts and attitudes possible?
  • Describe ways that knowing Jesus and the implications of the Gospel have changed the way believers think and act.
  • The Giving Discipleship Journey is designed to help you think through the change of heart that must occur for a full transformation. How does renewed thinking aid that generosity transformation? View the booklet here.
  • How does acting generously imitate God’s relationship to us?
  • What are ways that we can aid the Spirit with renewing our thoughts and attitudes?

View the Be Renewed prayer brochure here.
View the Giving Discipleship Journey booklet here.